lo·go   (lō'gō')
n.   pl. lo·gos
A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type. 

< Gk lógos word, sp. as if an acronym


Developing a logo is more than just a pretty face.  It's an investment in your company's future.  The logo design impacts all areas of your business, as it touches cards, brochures, postcards, painted on company vehicles, and can even screened onto T-shirts or converted for use in embroidered designs.

Here, we visually illustrate how we can custom tailor a totally unique personality for your business.  These logo designs were commissioned for different organizations with very different needs. Each reflects the character or essence of the business and its mission or purpose.  But all have one thing in common.  They convey a clear and singular identity that sets them apart from the others in their respective market segments.


Rooster Sportfishing

Rooster Sportfishing is a private fishing charter boat run out of the Jersey Shore area.  We were commissioned to develop this logo for the stern of the boat, which also served the purpose of supporting business cards, letterhead and marketing brochures.

 phoca thumb l rooster web

Buckeye Gun Club

Buckeye Gun Club is a hunting lodge located in Barnegat NJ which has been in operation for almost sixty years, accommodating bird and deer hunters.  Please note below the difference in style and presentation of the two logos.  Often what a customer thinks is a great logo from one vendor pales when compared to another.  This usually happens when clients base their decisions on pricing alone, or source art from persons with limited experience or skill.

It's the difference between this:

phoca thumb l buckeye gun club original


And this:

phoca thumb l buckeye logo



Gotcha! is an asset recovery company specializing in serving the financial community.  Using a combination of high technology and traditional investigative techniques, many financiers have recovered their collateral when they thought they never would.  Our goal was to develop a logo that would emphasise the essence of what the company does, in clear unambiguous terms.  Obviously, this logo is repurposed for both business cards and letterhead.

 phoca thumb l gotchalogo 800px



The Garden State Marine Aquarium Society is a hobbyist organization dedicated to the preservation of marine ornamental species in the home.  They promote best practices of salt water aquarium animal husbandry ranging from fish and invertebrates to corals of all types.  Kindly note the dorsal fin of the logo is in the shape of the state of New Jersey.



Farewell Tours

A travel agency specializing in assisting terminally ill patients make their dreams come true with exotic trips or activities, sort of like a "Make A Wish" foundation for adults, by providing the medical support services typically needed in an intensive or end-of-life scenario required to make travel possible.



Provides advanced medical trauma training to civilian First Responders, Law Enforcement, all branches of the US Armed forces and government agencies (FBI, DoJ, CIA) and also civilian markets.



Compassion 2 Compliance

Specializes in empathy training for those in the medical field to assist them in communicating with patients as they first come into contact with the health care system (in the case of an emergency) through customer service issues that arise from billing complaints.  They also train billing organizaitons in how to come into compliance with standard practices and government reimbursement guidelines.